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Have you ever wondered why success seems to elude you at times?  That there is something that seems to hold you back.  You know what you should do but you just don’t do it? And sometimes you find yourself saying you are going to do something that will move you forward, then in the next moment you are giving yourself excuses for not doing it?  If this sounds like you then this is the course for you.

In Part 1, we begin establishing your starting point, and introduce the C.O.R.e material that will be used throughout the 12 weeks

We cover:

  • What You Really Want
  • The Stickperson
  • The BE Do Have worksheet
  • The Cycle of Doom
  • The Life Wheel
  • The Wall of Opposition
  • The Arrowhead worksheet
  • Your Vision Circle
  • Your Circle of Responsibility


Click to Register for 12 Weeks